Dancer: Eve Garnier

Series Dance 10 #30 - Katia Gagné

Presented by:

Ottawa Dance Directive

Production Katia Gagné. Les créations Ozar et Danse-Cité.
Choreographer and video installation : Katia Gagné
Dancer : Ève Garnier
With Guest artists : Yvonne Coutts, Lana Morton, Siôned Watkins, Anne-Marie White
Lighting : Stéphane Caissy
Original music : Dino Giancola
Soundscape: Bruno Pucella
Editing : Mathieu Leblanc
Photo : Nicolas Ruel

A hypnotic choreographic and theatrical installation. A voyage by train exploring a sometimes abrasive, sometimes tender mixture of memories and reality.


Arts Court - Ottawa Dance Directive

2 Daly Ave
Ottawa, ON K1N 6E2