The Grey Ghost at dock

Pirate Life Theatre

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Pirate Life Ottawa

Ahoy Scallywags!

Pirate Life is ready to embark on our 2021 season sailing, and we’d love to have ye aboard to join the adventures! Pirate Life is an interactive family theatre experience and cruise that sails out from the mainland and offers a view that’ll leave ye shiverin’ in yer timbers. Our stage is our 50-foot pirate ship – The Grey Ghost – which sports 24 functioning water cannons and is fully licensed by Transport Canada.

We believe a fun family day out is safe and possible, and we cannot wait to share our creativity, imagination, and adventure with ye and yer wee sprogs.

Hope to sea ye on the high seas soon – fair winds and following seas!

English, French and Bilingual

Pirate Life Theatre

588 Hog's Back Road
Ottawa, ON K2C 1N5