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Pause by Ariel Lyons

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Galerie Old Chelsea

Galerie Old Chelsea is pleased to present the oil paintings of Ariel Lyons, a painter who has taken the past year to devote many more hours than usual to the studio. This has led her to develop new artistic ideas and to apply them beautifully to our local landscape and to those who have left a deep impression on her. These many hours have led her to a more profound exploration of the importance of the elements of line, shape and colour. She has deepened her ability to use them and has become adept at this artistic language. She shows us how to dance to a new level with “line, shape and colour”, increasing her range in applying these to her semi-abstract and abstract paintings.

All of Ariel’s paintings inspire a deep sense of calm and harmony while also conveying a feeling of aliveness and spontaneity. One should not miss seeing these paintings in person.

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