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Sold out - Huit femmes

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Eight women are getting ready to celebrate Christmas at Mont-Saint-Hilaire in the mid-1950s. The head of the house is, however, found dead with a knife in his back. Everyone is then considered a suspect. As the play progresses, one finds out that each of these women would have had a reason to kill him, but which one of them actually did it? And why? This play is a delectable detective comedy that everyone will enjoy, with lots of suspense and surprises...

Script: Robert Thomas
Adaptation: Michel Tremblay
Stage engineering: Alain Zouvi
Distribution: Stéphanie Germain, Josée Beaulieu, Lou Vincent-Desrosiers, Catherine De Léan, Louise Deschâtelets, Isabelle Vincent, Myriam Poirier and Dominique Quesnel
Productions: Jean-Bernard Hébert


Shenkman Arts Centre - Harold Shenkman Hall

245 Centrum Blvd.
Ottawa, ON K1E 0A1