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Rob Frayne's Drumswamp

Presented by:

Rob Frayne

Rob Frayne's Drumswamp is a bigger, drummier, all-star cast of 7 cool players who love rhythm! Each piece with custom 3-drum grooves includes New Orleans second line, Samba, Afro-Cuban and Funky Maracatu. Drumswamp's new compositions will give the audience (and band!) a journey into groove, soulful arrangements, songs both happy and sad.
Drumswamp is:

Rob Frayne, tenor sax
Petr Cancura, tenor sax
Megan Jerome, voice
Don Cummings, Moog Bass
Mike Essoudry, Drums
Liz Hanson, Drums
Alvaro de Minaya, Drums


GigSpace Performance Studio

953 Gladstone Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1Y 4W5