Awakening Exhibition

Presented by:

Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des arts du Canada and LG Elizabeth Dowdeswell

"Awakening" presents 21 works by Canadian and Indigenous artists from the Canada Council Art Bank / Banque d'art du Conseil des arts du Canada collection that shine a spotlight on our relationship with the environment. Individually, these works depict collisions between city and ecology, nature and nurture, consumption and conservation, ideals and actions. Together, they evoke a mixture of hope, despair and soul-searching, and encourage viewers to consider the urgency of sustaining life on Earth for future generations.

The exhibition, which is being presented in partnership with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, has been around the world, touring Toronto, New York City, Bonn and Geneva. It features works selected for their power to generate action and hope, and to ignite the thought and discussion we need to secure a peaceful and inclusive future for all.