Man/Elm by Sara Angelucci


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School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa

SPAO proudly presents: Undergrowth, featuring the photo-based work of Sara Angelucci, curated by Shannon Anderson. The question of how an artist can respond to this critical time of ecological emergency is the focus of Angelucci’s recent projects. In her current work entitled Nocturnal Botanical Ontario, she undertakes an intimate study of land in her immediate proximity and experience. Angelucci aims to express complicated interconnections within vulnerable habitats, an inquiry based on interactions with plants, insects, trees, and social history. In previous series such as Arboretum and Black Flowers, she considers the implications of historical Western impulses to capture and classify nature. At a time when climate change appears inevitable and we face the impact on the earth left by generations of greed, the works in this exhibition adopt strategies of empathy and conscious connection to reposition our relationship with nature.

English and Bilingual

The School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa

77 Pamilla Street
Ottawa, ON K1S 3K7