PBLI - National Indigenous Policing Forum

Presented by:

Pacific Business and Law Institute

Indigenous communities face higher crime and incarceration rates than the rest of Canada, with unique socio-economic and historical factors at play. At a time where more attention and funding are being given to the important issues, there are enormous opportunities for growth and progress. In this context, it is crucial for all those involved with the system to explore and identify key elements in developing and implementing quality policing strategies and harm reduction measures for Indigenous communities; ones that take into account both where we have come from and where we need to go.

Working together and armed with the right knowledge and tools, Indigenous communities and police can be part of a new way forward for building safe and healthy communities, a change that generates constructive active partnerships for social justice. To that end, this forum brings together leading experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience, making it essential learning for anyone interested in dialogue building and creating a better and safer future.

This Forum Will Cover:
• Building trust and community policing
• Indigenous youth and the criminal justice system
• Recruiting and retention of Indigenous officers
• Conflict management and public safety on reserves
• The impact of the opioid crisis on Indigenous communities
• Mental health of police officers
• Innovative approaches to policing
• Indigenous Police Service
• Reconciliation in policing

Who Should Attend?
• Indigenous political leaders and elders
• Indigenous police officers and members of Indigenous police services
• Non-Indigenous police officers who serve and protect Indigenous people
• Directors and members of Indigenous community organizations
• Federal, provincial, territorial and municipal government officials
• Lawyers practising in the area of Indigenous justice, and members of the judiciary presiding over Indigenous criminal and regulatory cases
• Parole and corrections officers, social workers, mental health workers, criminologists, court workers and others involved with the justice system

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