An example of the kind of work that will be in Cheryl Pagurek's exhibition

Cheryl Pagurek – Fragile

Presented by:

City of Ottawa: Public Art Program

Videos and photographs from the Tea Cups series explore the tenuous state of current world affairs. Made by projecting contemporary global news imagery into delicate vintage tea cups, these works evoke our own human fragility, the shattering of fragile notions of peace and social democracy, and the vulnerability of the earth itself to natural disaster, all while bringing worldwide events 'closer to home'.

Catalogue excerpt

The magic of Cheryl Pagurek's work lies in how she engages, confronts and gets to the heart of the issue. At the same time, she steps aside, as a painter steps away from the canvas with her brush in hand. She invites us to participate in this back and forth, a dynamic force that generates thought and anger, an energy capable of transforming us into passport makers. - Marc Mercier


Since receiving an MFA from the University of Victoria, Cheryl Pagurek has shown widely in galleries, public art events, and film/video festivals, including exhibits at MSVU Art Gallery, Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal, VU Photo, Gallery 44, Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa Art Gallery, and screenings in Canada, France, Brazil, Columbia, Morocco, Egypt and the USA. She installed a permanent video commission at an Ottawa transit station in 2011. Her work is in many public and private collections, and has been reviewed in Canadian, American and British publications.


City Hall - Art Gallery

110 Laurier Avenue, West
Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1