Event Submission Criteria

To be listed, your event should be an annual, one-off or special event/program that is either:

  • An event, festival or fair which highlights the arts, culture or heritage
  • A cultural lecture or conference featuring a guest speaker(s) renowned in their field of expertise
  • An outdoor and/or sporting event that celebrates Canadian heritage and culture and is supported or organized by the City of Ottawa and is significant enough to draw visitors from across Canada and/or other countries.

Your event should be located:

  • Within the boundaries of the City of Ottawa, or;
  • Outside the boundaries of the City of Ottawa but within the National Capital Region, and be recognized by the local tourism industry as being a significant visitor attraction.

Your event should also:

  • Be open to the general public and require no membership, and;
  • Have a broad appeal to residents and visitors, or if of specialized interest, attract specific audiences living throughout and/or outside of the region.

At this time, the above criteria does not include:

  • Instructional Courses
  • Meetings
  • Regular occurring activities, exhibitions, programming and tours with no defined start and end date.
  • Political Events
  • Religious Events
  • Events targeted to specific neighbourhoods that are not intended for general City resident participation or visitors to the area
  • Member only events
  • Retail art stores with no defined event

If you are not sure whether your event fits within this criteria please contact us.

Contact Us

Your comments are welcome. We appreciate any feedback on your registration and event submission experience. General/event submission inquiries: eventscalendar@ottawa.ca; 613-580-2424 extension 15385 Media inquiries: medias@ottawa.ca; 613-580-2450